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High quality synthetic leather

Vinyl fabric of 7co is suitable for upholstery in the project and furniture industry, yacht building and automotive. The assortment contains more than 1.000 colors and different structures, divided in 7 collections.

As the collections each have their own colors, textures and characteristics, there will always be a suitable option for your application.

Plenty of choice

Each collection has its own sample card. In these cards the colors, structures and technical characteristics differ. They each have their own unique appearance and advantages.

Fire retardant

As the collections are fire retardant, they are particularly suitable for projects. 7co is active in various sectors, such as the catering industry and education. Furthermore, 7co synthetic leather is often used in healthcare institutions and office interiors.

Easy to maintain

The synthethic leather is of high quality, very diverse and also easy to clean. Therefore it is particularly suitable for crowded areas.

Free sample service

We offer you free sample cards and send them the same day! Request your sample cards today via the contact form.






Technical specifications

Technical specifications